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About us

I-den'ti-ti (noun). Bridge between appearance and reality, unique to every individual, common to a class, section, change in mood hour and weather, could produce subtle nuances of a basic definitive quality. The essential distillate of a persona, (Gandhi's dhoti/spectacles, Churchill's cigar, Chaplin's walking stick, Beatle's hairdo, Jackson's moon-walk). Emotions frozen in time and space (strokes of Rembrandt). Attire reflective of a person's feelings, stations, status and standing. Mark of maturity. The focus of one's qualities, A taste of one's sensibility. Identity card, disc, etc., bearing the owners or wearer's name, etc. - establish his identity.

The brand spells its identity right from its spelling
, and the three "I"s here spell Self-Awareness, Self-Assurance and Self-Esteem. The most important phase of human evolution is its youth and it is this period that shapes the personality and
that he/she carries till end.

In our endeavor to provide the best, we at
have been analyzing every aspect of evolving youth to stay with time and trend.
 is an effort to personify fashion with the youth of today and we shall follow it into tomorrow.

In a world where everybody wants to be someone, Identiti as a fashion brand encourages and empowers the youth to be themselves.

To be confident about who they are, to be comfortable about their sense of style, and to be able to express themselves through the clothes they wear

With our online fashion store, we now bring you the same shopping experience and customer service that our customers have come to love across the country. Moreover, it enables us to deliver fashion right to your doorstep.
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